Preventative Maintenance Tips

I. Foundation and Masonry:
Basements, Exterior Walls: To prevent see page and condensation problems. a. Check basement for dampness and leakage after wet weather.
b. Check chimneys, deteriorated chimney caps, loose, and missing mortar. c. Maintain grading sloped away from foundation walls.

II. Roofs, Gutters, and Eavestrough:
To prevent roof leaks, condensation, see page and decay problems. a. Check for damaged, loose, or missing shingles, blisters. b. Clean gutters, leaders, strainers, window wells, drains. Be sure downspouts direct water away from foundation. c. Cut back tree limbs. d. Check flashings around roof stacks, vents, skylights, chimneys as source of leakage. e. Check vents, louvers and chimneys for birds nests, squirrels, insects. f. Check fascias and soffits for paint flaking leakage and decay.

III. Exterior Walls:
To prevent paint failure, decay, and moisture penetration problems. a. Check painted surface for paint flaking or paint failure. Check back shrubs. b. Check exterior masonry walls for cracks, looseness, missing or broken mortar.

IV. Doors and Windows:
To prevent air and weather penetration problems. a. Check caulking for decay around doors, windows, corner boards, joints. b. Recaulk and weatherstip as needed. Check glazing putty around windows.

V. Electrical:
For safe electrical performance, mark and label each circuit. a. Trip circuit breakers every six months and ground fault circuit interrupters (G.F.C.I.) monthly. b. Check condition of lamp cords, extension cords and plugs. Replace at first sign of wear and damage. c. Check exposed wiring and cable for wear or damage. d. If you experience slight tingling shock from handling or touching any appliance, disconnect the appliance and have it repaired. If lights flicker or dim, or if appliances go on and off unnecessarily, call a licensed electrician.

VI. Plumbing:
For preventive maintenance. a. Drain exterior water lines, hose bibbs, sprinklers, pool equipment in the fall. b. Draw off sediment in water heaters monthly or per manufacturer's instructions. c. Have septic tank cleaned every 2 years.

VII. Heating and Cooling:
For comfort, efficiency, energy conservation and safety. a. Change or clean furnace filters, air condition filters, electronic filters as needed. b. Clean and service humidifier. Check periodically and annually. c. Have oil burning equipment serviced annually.

VIII. Interior
General house maintenance. a. Check bathroom tile joins, tub grouting and caulking. Be sure all tile joints in bathrooms are kept well sealed with tile grout to prevent damage to walls, floors, and ceilings below. b. Close crawl vents in winter and open in summer c. Check underside of roof for water stains, leaks, dampness & condensation, particularly in attics and around chimneys.

IX. Know the location of:
-Main water shutoff valve.
-Main emergency shutoff switch for the heating system.
-Main electrical disconnect or breaker.